12 Food Allergens

The Leading Suspects: The Dirty Dozen!
(Responsible for over 90% of all food allergies)


  1. Milk & Milk products. (Lactose Intolerance is NOT an allergy.)
  2. Eggs & Egg containing products.
  3. Wheat and other Gluten containing products. People who have Gluten sensitivity should avoid products containing wheat, barley, oats, spell, kamut & rye.
  4. Peanuts and products containing peanuts and peanut oil
  5. Tree Nuts. all common nuts. Almond, Beech nut, Brazil nut, Butternut, Cashew, Chestnut (Chinese, American, European, Seguin), Chinquapin, Coconut, Filbert/Hazelnut, Ginkgo nut, Hickory nut, Lichee nut, Macadamia nuUBush nut, Pecan, Pine nut/Pinon nut, Pili nut, Pistachio, Sheanut, Walnut (English, Persian, Black, Japanese, California), Heartnut, and products containing these nuts or their oils!
  6. Soy and products containing Soy, including soybean oil.
  7. Fish - all types/Shellfish - all types.
  8. Corn and products containing corn, including corn oil.
  9. Sesame seeds/oil.
  10. Mustard and products containing mustard seedsloil.
  11. Celery and its products.
  12. Chemicals, such as sulfites, sulfur dioxide, nitrites, caffeine, MSG, aspartame (Nutrasweet®), artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.

In addition to the above, there are foods that trigger specific reactions in some sensitive persons. e.Q., people with Gout - (must avoid nightshade family vegetables), Migraine - (must avoid wines, hard cheeses, chocolates, nitrites, sulfites), Osteo-Arthritis - (must avoid milk products), Asthma - (must avoid all of the above). Yeast Infections/Candida - avoid yeast containing products.

Remember, in addition to ingestible allergens (foods, drugs, supplements, etc.) there are also dermatological allergens which can cause all kinds of skin reactions (latex gloves, wool clothing, etc.) and respiratory allergens (example: Psyllium, Dust Mites, Cockroaches, Pollen, Cats, Birds, etc.), which can cause severe breathing problems.

Not everyone is allergic to all allergens! It is important to determine what one is allergic to, and then try to avoid exposure to that allergen.

NB: Allergies have also been reported with Pineapple, Strawberries, Citrus, Eggplant, Papaya, and assorted other fruits and vegetables. Allergies, especially in childrenlinfants have been reported with Honey and Bee derived products.

For more information, check out: www.foodallergy.org



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