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Tishcon understands that today's consumer demands a wide-array of choices in fulfilling their individual needs. Tishcon offers our clients a complete menu of production options, including organic, vegan, kosher, herbal all-natural, soy, non-GMO, halal and gluten-free.

pills-curcu.jpgOrganic: Tishcon manufactures the highest quality organic products. Our organic offerings contain no chemicals or pesticides and are manufactured in our GMP-certified facilities in a purified and climate controlled atmosphere. As with all of Tishcon's products, our organic choices are contaminant-free.

Vegan: Tishcon has always been on the leading-edge of the Vegan lifestyle, responding quickly and expertly to the growth in the vegan portion of our population. As a manufacturer of the highest-quality vegan supplements, Tishcon understands the stringent product requirements of the vegan market. All of our vegan formulations are manufactured to vegan specifications in our GMP-certified facilities which contain state-of-the art climate-control and purification technology.

pills-chew100.jpgHerbal: Tishcon manufactures the highest quality standardized herbal extracts in softgels. As a leading herbal manufacturer, Tishcon ensures consistent Quality Control (QC) of all raw materials used in our herbal products.

pills-q-gel15.jpgAll-Natural: Tishcon believes that only nature has more experience with vitamins and supplements, and maintains the highest regard for the all-natural lifestyle. More and more consumers are turning to all-natural products in food, drink, beauty, vitamins, and supplements. Tishcon's all-natural products are manufactured in our state-of-the art, GMP-certified facilities and are subject to strict quality control.

Gluten Free: In response to the needs of the portion of our population whose systems cannot tolerate gluten, Tishcon manufactures gluten-free vitamins and supplements. Our stringent quality control practices ensure you receive products that are 100% gluten-free without the possibility of any cross-contamination.



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